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Warmly Welcome The Leaders Of The Government Delegation Of The YanHe Party To Visit XiMi Group Factory For Field Visit And Guidance

Time:2023-10-21 View:108

On May 18, 2022, XiMi Group welcomed the visit of the YanHe Party government investment delegation, led by Dai Zhongyi, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and county people's Government, and Cui Yonglong, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of the Yanhe Economic Development Zone, accompanied by 13 people. To achieve the development of industrial "chain construction, chain supplement, and strong chain", jointly explore new breakthroughs in industrial investment promotion and promote the work of economic development.

Mr Guo, chairman of the company, gave a warm reception. Under the guidance of General Mr Guo, the factory visited the production process, production equipment, finished product workshop, and comprehensive office area. General Manager Mr Guo introduced to the delegation: XiMi Group was founded in 2006, focusing on the research and development of nano-ultrafine barium sulfate, highly transparent barium sulfate, high-gloss barium sulfate, matted barium, odor-free ultrafine barium sulfate, precipitated barium sulfate, modified barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium sand, limestone mixed sand, silicon powder and other white powders for modified plastics/coatings. It is a high-tech company integrating production and sales.

Dai Zhongyi, head of the county people's government of the Yanhe Party Government delegation, exchanged views with the chairman of XiMi Group on business model, development positioning and direction of government-enterprise cooperation, and the leaders of the Yanhe delegation spoke highly of and recognized the future development project of XiMi Group! And warmly invited our company to Guizhou Yanhe County barium sulfate mining area for observation and study.

XiMi Group will continue to actively respond to the call of the national "national revitalization" strategy, focus on sinking the market, provide better employment and cooperation opportunities for all sectors of society, export more high-quality comprehensive skills talents, contribute to the society, and make a more valuable enterprise!

Under the guidance of the values of "justice, integrity, openness and feedback", XiMi Group is firmly professional and dedicated, win-win cooperation, customer satisfaction, integrity-based, quality-oriented attitude to actively spread XiMi culture, return to society, sing all the way, sail forward!