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Product Introduction

Product Introduction 

Precipitated calcium carbonate is a white powder mainly made mainly by calcium carbonate. In the industrial field, light calcium carbonate is widely used in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, coatings, paper etc. It can be added to these materials as a filler, thickener, whitener, etc., to improve their physical properties and quality. Light calcium carbonate can also be used in the manufacture of batteries, glass, ceramics and other products, as well as water treatment, waste gas treatment and other industrial processes.

Technical Data

Fineness (mesh)5000
D97 (μm)2.5
Whiteness  (%)97
CaCO3 99
325 mesh Residue on0.01
Loss on ignition (%)42.5
Ph Value7.5~9.5
Oil absorption g/100g24
HCL Insoluble (%)0.01


XM-C200 as a filler for rubber, plastics, paper making, coating, ink etc.