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  • XL-3000-2
  • XL-3000-2


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Product Introduction

Product Introduction 

XL-3000-2 can be widely applied in Industries such as rubber, plastics, paper making, paint, building, toothpaste, etc.  It can make rubber easy to mix and disperse;The extension, tensile strength and tear strength of the products can be substantially improved and the cost can be reduced.  It can increase the volume for saving cost. It also can improve the processing performance. 

Technical Data

Fineness (mesh)2500
D50 (μm)2.5
D97 (μm)7
Whiteness  (%) min≥98
Moisture(%)   min≥0.02
CaCO3     ≥(%)99
SiO2       ≤(%)0.02
325 mesh Residue on ≤(%)0.01
Ph Value7.5~9.5
Oil absorption g/100g28
HCL Insoluble (%) ≤0.01


XL-3000-2 as a filler for rubber, plastics, paper making, paint, building, glass, toothpaste, etc.