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XiMi November Exhibition Plan——CHINACOAT2023

Time:2023-11-02 View:110

The China International Coatings Exhibition (CHINACOAT) is a highly regarded global event within the coatings industry. Since 1996, this exhibition has been held annually in both Shanghai and Guangzhou, providing a valuable platform for the international supply and manufacturers of coatings. CHINACOAT brings together a diverse audience from around the world, with a particular focus on China and Asia, to showcase the latest technologies, production techniques, raw materials, and equipment in the paint and ink industry.

At the previous exhibition, CHINACOAT occupied an area of 78,500 square meters and hosted 1,290 exhibitors from across the globe, attracting over 35,500 visitors. Additionally, the exhibition featured 40+ technical lectures and offered 3 specialised training courses to enhance industry knowledge.

Divided into five specialised exhibition areas, CHINACOAT covers various aspects of the coatings industry, including powder coatings, ultraviolet/electron beam (UV/EB) curing technology and products, international equipment and services, Chinese equipment, instruments and services, and China International raw materials. This exhibition serves as a vital platform for exchanging ideas, promoting industry growth, and connecting with key players in the coatings industry.

Our company XiMi is proud to be participating in CHINACOAT. We are eager to share our professional knowledge and expertise with visitors and answer their questions, providing them with a deeper understanding of our industry and our company.

Exhibition time:   

2023-11-15 ~ 11-17
Opening time:
Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China
Exhibition Industry: